Proactive defense of the digital space against cyberattacks

Quick and continuous collection of data about threats and attack techniques for timely incident investigation and response

The most current threat intelligence

Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 is a team of highly qualified threat research and incident response specialists and security consultants. Unit 42 provides comprehensive threat analysis and implements innovative solutions to secure your information systems from cyberattacks so you can take the appropriate protective measures.

Key features 

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Threat investigation

    Conducting research on cyberattacks, including analysis of new threat types such as viruses, malware, and hacker attacks.

Information sharing

    Making the collected cyber threat intelligence and analytics available to the community to help better defend against new types of attacks.

Security tools development

    Creating innovative methods and technologies to prevent and detect cyber threats. These tools are incorporated into Palo Alto Networks products to improve cybersecurity.


    Unit 42 is also engaged in educational initiatives. They are aimed at spreading cybersecurity knowledge and raising awareness in this area.

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