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Detection, prevention and automation based on artificial intelligence

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Securing the Future

Stop modern attacks with the industry's first advanced detection and response platform that covers your endpoints, network, and cloud.
Welcome to the future of EDR. 

  • Threat detection based on machine learning

    Gain an advantage over attackers with proprietary behavioral analytics. Cortex XDR continuously profiles endpoint, network, and user behavior with machine learning to uncover the most subtle attacks. 

  • Coordinated response

    Quickly block malware, isolate endpoints, run scripts, or scan your entire environment to contain threats. Cortex XDR offers flexible response options that cover your entire infrastructure. 

  • New-generation antivirus

    Block malware, exploits, and fileless attacks with the industry's most comprehensive endpoint protection stack. Our light agent blocks threats with local and cloud-based AI-based analysis.

  • Enterprise-wide visibility

    Find every threat and eliminate blind spots by integrating data from all your environment. 

  • Automatic root cause analysis

    Analyze alerts from any source with a single click to instantly understand the root cause and sequence of events. 

  • Managed threat scan

    Use the industry's first threat discovery service that works with endpoint, network and cloud data to identify all threats. 

  • Powerful endpoint protection

    Protect endpoint data and comply with host firewall, drive encryption, and USB device management.

  • Incident management

    An intelligent grouping of related incident alerts provides a lightning-fast investigation to get a complete picture of every attack. 

  • Enhance your security with built-in protections

    Avoid the swivel chair syndrome. Stop more attacks and simplify operations with advanced detection and response. 


Discover the possibilities of SOC automation

The industry's most complete security coordination, automation, and response platform with built-in threat intelligence management and a built-in marketplace.

  • Automation of security operations

    Transform your security operations with scalable, automated processes for any security use case. The number of warnings requiring human review is reduced by up to 95%. 

  • Threat intelligence management

    Unify the aggregation, scoring, and sharing of threat intelligence with proven textbook-based automation. 

  • Cloud security orchestration

    Automate and unify incident response across your cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments. 

  • Automate your entire security stack

    Cortex XSOAR accepts alerts from multiple sources and executes automated workflows/scripts to speed up incident response. 

  • Break up team fragmentation

    Cortex XSOAR tutorials are complemented by real-time collaboration capabilities that allow security teams to quickly iteratively address emerging threats. 

  • Manage incidents on the go

    Monitor and respond to security incidents using mobile devices for iOS and Android®. 

  • Speed incident investigation

    Cortex XSOAR case management facilitates a standardized response to many attacks, helping your teams adapt to complex one-time attacks. 

  • Act with confidence in threat analysis

    Cortex XSOAR offers a new threat intelligence management approach integrating threat intelligence aggregation, evaluation, and sharing with proven scenario-based automation. 

  • Innovate with the best

    Find, use, and share orchestration innovations from experts in the world's largest SOAR ecosystem. 

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