World's first ML-based NGFW 

It's time to change the cybersecurity paradigm.
The world's first next-generation machine learning firewall is based on the new PAN-OS 10.2, which allows you to stay ahead of unknown threats, see everything, including IoT and fully control web traffic in real time.

Strata Products 


The world's first ML-based NGFW

Explore the Next-Generation Firewall Family 

  • NGWF Hardware Physical Devices

    Machine learning-based NGFW physical appliances let you stay ahead of unknown threats, see everything, including IoT, and reduce errors with automated policy recommendations. 

  • Virtual NGWF firewalls

    VM-Series, a machine learning virtualized version of our NGFW, protects your private and public cloud deployments with segmentation and proactive threat prevention. 

  • Containerized firewalls

    CN-Series, a containerized version of ML-Powered NGFW, prevents advanced network threats from spreading across Kubernetes namespace boundaries. 


Minimize tomorrow's security challenges today

Panorama ™ offers easy-to-implement and centralized management features to gain insight into network traffic, logs and threats. Reduce complexity by simplifying your Palo Alto Networks security products' configuration, deployment, and management. 

  • Centralized policy management

    Create and edit security rules according to your organization's security policy within a firewall deployment from one central console 

  • Network security analytics

    Use an automated log correlation engine to identify compromised hosts and detect malicious behavior 

  • Network security management

    Centralized device and security configuration management for all firewall groups 

  • Centralized visibility

    Get deep visibility and comprehensive information about network traffic and threats with the Application Command Center (ACC) 

  • Automatic response to threats

    Automate and customize security workflows with a REST API for integration with third-party solutions 

  • Maximum Deployment Flexibility

    Locally as hardware
    Virtual Devices
    In public cloud environments 


The enterprise of tomorrow runs on speed and agility

The VM Series Virtual Firewalls help your organization securely transform a virtualized infrastructure into business innovation. 

  • Automate network security

    The VM Series Virtual Firewalls integrate network security directly into the application development lifecycle and CI/CD pipelines to provide secure, on-demand scalability 

  • Simplify Compliance

    Reduce risk by reducing the attack surface and adding threat prevention in decentralized environments. Ensure fast compliance with GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SWIFT, and other standards. 

  • Enhance network security

    The VM Series Virtual Firewalls provide consistent network security management for applications hosted on-premises, in private and public clouds, and at branch offices. 

  • Increasing investment in SDN

    Protect a virtual corporate network in VMware NSX™ and other software-defined environments: limit the lateral movement of threats, prevent data theft and protect traffic between trust zones. 

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