Veloci Program from Palo Alto Networks

ML-Powered NGFW PA-400 / PA-1400 became available to everyone. Become the owner of advanced protection technology at a favorable price.

The Veloci program is a unique opportunity to purchase ML-powered NGFW from Palo Alto Networks and strengthen your digital security.  

Businesses of all sizes in every industry are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. This is especially important today as more and more organizations embrace digital transformation, adopt cloud services, and move to remote working and mobile devices. Palo Alto Networks, a manufacturer and pioneer in creating the next generation of firewalls, provides favorable terms for anyone concerned about digital security for an enterprise of any size.

Palo Alto Networks' new generations of firewalls, equipped with powerful machine learning features, represent the cutting edge of cybersecurity technology. These innovative systems not only provide basic protection against external and internal threats, but also analyze network behavior to prevent any threat, adapting and learning with each new threat. Thus, they provide a higher level of protection compared to traditional firewalls.

Improve your cybersecurity with the PA-400 and PA-1400 Series: why is this worth paying attention to?

Security solutions in today's world need to be reliable and discreet, helping businesses stay protected. They provide greater performance, protect against threats by learning them, and simplify management using artificial intelligence and ML.

Series datasheets:

Built-in machine learning capabilities

Automated threat response


Advanced protection against zero-day threats

Behavioral Intelligence

By purchasing any product from this series, you also receive an impressive discount on the Core Security Bundle subscription: 

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    Advanced Threat Prevention 

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    Advanced Wildfire 

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    Advanced URL Filtering  

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    DNS Security

  • SD-WAN 

The subscription includes five core services and is ideal for those who want to create a reliable network security solution.

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