Firewall 11.0 Essentials

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We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed our first official Palo Alto Networks vendor training
✨ Under the professional guidance of BAKOTECH and in a circle of like-minded people, our participants successfully completed the five-day course "Firewall 11.0 Essentials: Configuration and Management (EDU-210)" 🚀  
This course provided in-depth knowledge of the following:  ● Fundamentals of architecture and management ● Application Identification ● Content analysis (IPS, antivirus/antispyware, URL filtering, file blocking) ● SSL decryption and user identification 
We would like to thank our speaker, Alexander Krasiukov, Senior Sales Engineer, BAKOTECH. He shared his extensive expertise, providing participants with the skills needed to effectively protect network resources and data. 🌐🔥  
This training won't be the last, so keep an eye out for our updates or email us directly if you're interested in taking a similar course. 💻🔒🌐 #BAKOTECH #PaloAltoNetworks #FirewallTraining #CybersecurityExperts 

Firewall 11.0 Essentials: Configuration and Management (EDU-210) is a unique opportunity to get up-to-date information on Palo Alto Networks' next-generation firewall and learn how to put your knowledge into practice. 

The technical training program is a partnership between Palo Alto Networks and an authorized vendor training center. Its purpose is to assist you in acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure network security. This training course is crucial as it covers the fundamentals of the next-generation firewall, starting from the basics.

By completing the course on next-generation firewall by Palo Alto Networks, you will be able to prevent cyber attacks and acquire the skills required to effectively safeguard network resources and data, ensuring the reliable operation of your information infrastructure.

Who will be interested in the training




Security administrators


Security specialists


Security analysts

This is a perfect opportunity to enhance your fundamental cybersecurity knowledge and gain in-depth knowledge of configuring and managing Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall. 

Course modules:

    Palo Alto Networks Portfolio and Architecture  

    Configuring Initial Firewall Settings  

    Managing Firewall Configurations  

    Managing Firewall Administrator Accounts 

    Connecting the Firewall to Production Networks with Security Zones  

    Creating and Managing Security Policy Rules  

    Creating and Managing NAT Policy Rules  

    Controlling Application Usage with App-ID

    Blocking Known Threats Using Security Profiles  

    Blocking Inappropriate Web Traffic with URL Filtering  

    Blocking Unknown Threats with Wildfire  

    Controlling Access to Network Resources with User-ID  

    Using Decryption to Block Threats in Encrypted Traffic  

    Locating Valuable Information Using Logs and Reports  

    What's Next in Your Training and Certification Journey  

Additional materials: 

    Securing Endpoints with GlobalProtect 

    Providing Firewall Redundancy with High Availability 

    Connecting Remote Sites using VPNs 

    Blocking Common Attacks Using Zone Protection 

The course is aimed at security engineers, administrators, specialists, analysts and help desk personnel. 

For more detailed information about the training, you can follow the link to the page with the technical specification course. 


Alexander Krasuykov

Speaker, BAKOTECH's engineer specializing in Palo Alto Networks products

He has been working in the cybersecurity industry for over 10 years. Alexander has been with BAKOTECH since 2017 and is a Senior Sales Engineer for Palo Alto Networks solutions. He has realized many projects in different countries and industries. He has the only PCNSC certification in the region and is the most certified engineer, 100+ conducted trainings, workshops, seminars and webinars on Palo Alto Networks solutions.


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